About the brand


Fashionthings is a brand that appeals to young successful women who follow the latest trends in fashion. For the #girlboss with her #citylife lifestyle, we offer a collection of must-have jewelry and accessories.

All products are designed by our own team of designers or together with other designers in our famous “Feat.” collections. All products are high quality but friendly priced because we believe fashion should be available for everyone.

You can find our collection online at fashionthings.com or in boutique stores across Europe. We also work with local partners such as private shopping clubs, newspapers and magazines.

Service is our top priority. We offer the best service worldwide. Fast shipping, safe payments and easy returns - resulting in only happy customers.



We love to team up
Fashionthings loves to partner up with upcoming and established designers to create limited edition collections.

For example the Limited Edition Eco-friendly phone covers we developed with the famous DJ Sam Feldt. Those covers are designed by his art director Dzanar and you recognize this designs from billboards at Times Square and they are used as visuals during club shows at the biggest venues around the globe.

For Sam and his Heartfeldt Foundation we focused on creating a 100% eco-friendly product by using only 100% recycled materials and eco-friendly inks. We also donate a percentage of the revenue to the Heartfeldt Foundation, helping them create a more sustainable planet. At Fashionthings - we care.

Vivian Schrijver-Spierts, Founder of Fashionthings

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